Tungsten Rubber Slice

Tungsten Rubber Slice Picture

Brief Introduction of Tungsten Rubber Slice
Tungsten rubber slice is combined by tungsten powder and raw flexible magnets through sheet metal technology, all kinds of rubber tungsten slice can be machined according to different uses and requirements. Tungsten rubbers slice has the properties of tungsten and rubber, such as high density, good radiation resistance, easily machined into different types of products, low cost, good ductility, without using ROHS materials, etc. the most important point is that rubber tungsten slice is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so rubber tungsten slice is the first choice to be the substitute of lead slice.

Tungsten Rubber Slice Application
Because of the special properties of rubber tungsten slice, tungsten rubbers slice can be widely used in different areas such as medical and industry areas. The most common use of tungsten rubber slice is radiation shielding. With the development of economy, more and more radiation comes out which is very harmful to our body. So radiation shielding is necessary in our daily life, tungsten rubbers slice has the properties of good radiation resistance, high density, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, in brief, rubber tungsten slice makes great contribution to making radiation shielding.

Apart from radiation shielding, rubber tungsten slice has many other applications such as tungsten fishing jig, counterweight used in many field and other rubber tungsten products. Chinatungsten is a professional tungsten products manufacturer who can provide all kinds of tungsten rubber products according to your requirements.